Friday, April 29, 2011

A train ride to a National Park

Dobongsan National Park. We could get here using the metro system. It was nice to see the mountains after being in the city for almost 2weeks. As you will see, there are still a lot of shops and people around.

One of the dozens of hiking shops on the way to the national park

Do you like this brand?

These two shops were next door to each other. We've seen other exclusive brands here eg "Black Face" "Top Face" etc. It's very amusing.

Real samples for your lunch displayed in the open air

Before we got to the national park entrance we walked past a seemingly endless market ... with an amazing number of hiking shops! There were at least 30 separate shops selling hiking gear. We never thought we'd see any "nature" without shops in view.

One side of the road is this. The other side has a "Dunkin Donuts" for your eating pleasure!

We think this rock was carved to look like the mountain beyond.

Back into the middle of Seoul...

Azaleas grow so well here.

Traditional Hanok Village.....right in the middle of bustling Seoul.

On the way back from the mountain area we visited a "Hanok Village", which has reconstructed traditional houses. This was more peaceful than the National Park!

After this we went to see Stuart at his school and I taught the last lesson for him . Then it was on to the hospital to see Cherie and little Lois. You will see more pictures in the next entry.

It was a HUGE Day!
We are both excited...... but thoroughly exhausted.

The jacket and back pack sort of gives it away don't you think? We don't really "fit" here in Korea!

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