Sunday, May 10, 2009

Autumn in Canberra

Where else would you rather be?

More photos from Stuart & Cherie's wedding & reception

Cherie's aunty, who helped me get dressed for the wedding ceremony. This is in the foyer, before the service.

Cherie's aunty and my job was to light the candles at the beginning of the service. This aunty was Cherie's dad's sister.

Cameron and Richard in the wedding hall, just after the service.

The reception was an informal occasion with a delicious self-service buffet.
Rules were: Start when you like, eat as much as you like and sit where you like!
No speeches to interrrupt our eating pleasure and we didn't even wait for the bride and groom to arrive! They actually didn't have a lot of time to eat. Thye were moving around and talking to everyone.

A toast to the married couple at the "cutting of the cake".
This was the only formality at the reception.

Stuart joined us for a while.

Kikuo, Tomoyo and Yuko were sitting with us. They came from Tokyo to the wedding.
The wedding cake is in the box!

Cherie showing Cameron her wedding ring. Her sister is on the left, dressed in a hanbok. This is Cherie's third change of clothes. Stuart and Cherie had matching navy jackets as part of their casual "going away" outfits.

Supper, after the wedding, in our apartment. We shared Stuart and Cherie's wedding cake with Yuko and Kikuo ( Stuart's Japanese friends).