Saturday, April 23, 2011

Work and Play

Dinner in our hotel room tonight.

Cherie and Rick went to the movies today to see "Jane Eyre",while Stuart and I went to school together to teach 5 classes in a row.

Cherie ordered them both "the set", which consisted of a coke/orange soft drink and a huge popcorn with two flavours. The carton was divided down the middle. They had fun, although they reckon people stared at them on the train, thinking they were a couple!!!
Meanwhile Stuart and I had work to do. We headed off to his school together. I taught two of the five classes, which was good fun! It was good to see Stuart at work in the classroom. The kids love him and he does a good job. I never thought I'd end up doing relief teaching in Seoul. It's facinating where life takes you! The first time I have ever worked on Good Friday!

There are Good Friday church services at night here, as no one has the day off. We didn't end up going to any. We are staying in a hotel very close to the biggest church in the world, but the services would have been all in Korean.

Last time we were here, they offered us English translation head phones, but you have to be really awake to take it all in. I was exhausted after the day at school. I wanted to see how it all worked but aso wanted to be a back up for Stuart if he has to dash to the hospital. He is only allowed one day off... unpaid!

The photos below were taken the other day when we visited Stuart's class.
I forgot to take any photos there yesterday. Stuart eats a hot lunch at the school before he starts the lessons. The kids come from their regular school lessons, so they think it's a version of "after school care".
I thought the kids were pretty well behaved when I took into account that they'd already been to "proper" school. There were a few "indulged kids" (we'd maybe call them "brats" or "spoilt rotten") who didn't really want to do anything, but most students were eager to learn and had surprisingly good English communication skills.

The white board was a huge glass sheet, similar to the modern kitchen splash backs. They have colourful books and fun songs to sing. Stuart and the kids sing along happily with the CD.

Us in a little shopping centre cafe. By little I mean.. even the chairs and tables were smaller than usual.We seem to eat a lot! I feel HUGE here and I look it!

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