Friday, April 29, 2011

A train ride to a National Park

Dobongsan National Park. We could get here using the metro system. It was nice to see the mountains after being in the city for almost 2weeks. As you will see, there are still a lot of shops and people around.

One of the dozens of hiking shops on the way to the national park

Do you like this brand?

These two shops were next door to each other. We've seen other exclusive brands here eg "Black Face" "Top Face" etc. It's very amusing.

Real samples for your lunch displayed in the open air

Before we got to the national park entrance we walked past a seemingly endless market ... with an amazing number of hiking shops! There were at least 30 separate shops selling hiking gear. We never thought we'd see any "nature" without shops in view.

One side of the road is this. The other side has a "Dunkin Donuts" for your eating pleasure!

We think this rock was carved to look like the mountain beyond.

Back into the middle of Seoul...

Azaleas grow so well here.

Traditional Hanok Village.....right in the middle of bustling Seoul.

On the way back from the mountain area we visited a "Hanok Village", which has reconstructed traditional houses. This was more peaceful than the National Park!

After this we went to see Stuart at his school and I taught the last lesson for him . Then it was on to the hospital to see Cherie and little Lois. You will see more pictures in the next entry.

It was a HUGE Day!
We are both excited...... but thoroughly exhausted.

The jacket and back pack sort of gives it away don't you think? We don't really "fit" here in Korea!

Our turn to hold Lois : April 28

Lois Janelle .. two days old... April 28

It was very special to get to hold Lois tonight (April 28)

By the look of me, I should be the one sleeping!

Rick has had a sore throat so we bought him a mask to wear to be on the safe side.

Now Cherie has moved to the long stay part of the hospital, Stuart is able to have more contact with Lois. Cherie and Lois will be looked after here for the next two weeks. It's such a good set up for new mothers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lois is one day old - Wed 27th April

This morning when we arrived at the hospital, Lois was in the room. before Stuart went to work he was able to hold Lois for the first time. Cherie hadn't held her much either over the first 24hours. The baby spends most of the time in the nursery. Hopefully tonight they will both get a chance to have some time with Lois and check her all out...tiny fingers and toes etc. They don't seem to do this here as much as we all like to do back in Oz.
We hope we'll get the chance to hold her in the next day or two. The nurses are pretty strict with this and are ever vigilant!

They have mini cots on wheels that they use to transport the babies around the hospital.

Lois has long legs. Cherie said that the doctor commented too.We caught a glimpse of her legs and we touched her toes. Stuart says she has his feet!

Lois is quite alert. It's lovely to see her eyes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VISA news

We received the best news tonight! It's icing on the cake!
Cherie's visa to live in Australia has been approved as of yesterday! They will be coming home to live sometime before August 13. It's VERY exciting for all of us. Lots to take in... with the new baby and now the visa approval. All wonderful news.
Stuart and Cherie have lots to organise in the coming 3 months.

Hwagok market

Right near the modern hospital that Cherie is in, there is a lot of old style Korean shops and rows of market stalls.

Dried something for your eating pleasure

We don't have a kitchen to cook in..... pity!

Crabs and other crawly things

Fruit looks good. We've eaten lots of bananas! The strawberries are the sweetest we've ever tasted. With Cherie's tuition we can look for the orgnanically grown stuff. Just trusting that the radiation level in the air is as low as they maintain. The level is no different from the same time last year apparently.

More fish

More lovely fresh fruit and veg.

The beautiful baby !

Lois opened her eyes to see us through the glass

Amazing! Lois doesn't seem to have a mark on her, even after all the drama of last night.

First images behind the glass of Lois Janelle Lamont! Born 2:44am April 26 and 3.43kg ( 7.56lbs). Best baby in the nursery! Mum and baby both well. Cherie needs a big rest!
More photos soon.

Meet Lois Janelle Lamont. Everyone here is fascinated with the look of this Korean- Australian baby. The only one here.