Sunday, May 23, 2010

Visiting Orange

I visited Orange, NSW, for a couple of days this week. I went with Bev, to keep her company while driving there and back on the country roads. She was at a conference and I walked around the town, did some reading and crocheting and had a look at the shops.

Me in my "automatic timer" shot in the park.

I had never seen real holly growing before!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work and Pleasure

I have worked at school a fair bit in the last two weeks. It is now three months since my last operation and I am noticing that I have more energy and that I seem to be managing more actitvies each day.

Last week end I spent a lovely, relaxing time at the coast, with 10 special women. We hired a huge house and enjoyed chatting, eating,walking, reading and more chatting and eating! Being May, the weather wasn't quite as warm as we'd had in previous years, but it was warm and sunny enough in the middle of the day for us all to go on a few walks and even some of us to swim!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life goes on

Nothing much of interest to report in the last two weeks.
We bought a new microwave, after having our last and only one for 32 years! We have been told they don't last that long any more! It's a fancy convection one. This was mainly Rick's idea, as he does like well-designed gadgets.

I tried it out by cooking a quiche. It worked very well.

I've had some work at school this week ( one and a half days). In between, I've caught up with friends, attended meetings and had some time at home. I find I still need to rest , but I think my energy levels are improving.
Richard is enjoying his contract and is working hard. He has had good feedback about his work, but has been told that the money will run out on June 30, so he won't get another extension.