Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dondaemoon Markets & Yeouido

Dondaemoon Markets are huge. There are floors of multi storey buildings divided into stalls. It's overwhelming to shop, if you want to compare prices. Too many stalls to choose from.

This corridor stretched for what seemed like a kilometre!

Morning tea just near out hotel. The sun was out and it was very pleasant to sit here. We've visited this cafe often. Stuart and Cherie had the morning off and didn't join us for breakfast. They needed the break. It's been a very full week and lots of waiting and imagining what will happen with the birth etc. Life is on hold for them.

Rick is having fun with the phone that Stuart and Cherie hired for us. It's been essential to have a phone.

Beautifully packaged throat lozenges for under $1.
Rick has a bit of a sore throat. Hope it clears before the baby arrives.

Across the road from our hotel is the National Assembly precinct.

Not many English signs around here, but we found the Library.

Garden areas with traditional stone walls

The lovely visitors' centre had no English signs.
Something important must have happened in 1947. Below is what happened!

We didn't stay in the Visitors' Centre too long!

Beautiful Spring flowers line the footpaths in this parliamentary precinct.

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