Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gold Coast - Broadbeach Oct 2014

Enjoying time at the Gold Coast. We are here for a week. We love the weather, walking on the beach, our great apartment and the wonderful new light rail ( tram system) called the "G:" !

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Delightful granddaughters

Spending time with Lois and Phoebe is a great way to enjoy life.
My neighbour said to me the other day, when he saw me with Lois and Phoebe in the backyard, "With little faces like those around, you wouldn't want to be dead for quids."

 We joined Stuart, Cherie, Lois and Phoebe at the "Mainly Music" playgroup special open day for Fathers, on the Saturday before Fathers' Day. Amy, Gavin, Sam & Ben, and grandparents Bruce and Sylvia were there too. It was a fun morning that helped us see what the kids enjoy every week.

High School Reunion Aug 30

Peakhurst High 50th Anniversary
30th August
We haven't changed much!
My dear friend Kim ( Kimra)
 Four of us girls met up at the school to reminisce..... with old and dear friends Julie, Larelle and Kim

 Just like being back at school!

This was a photo of 1B. There was a whole room set aside for memorabilia
Us in the English block. We noticed that there was still the same bricks and lino from 50 years ago! The building materials back then were designed to last longer, I suppose.

We spent a couple more hours chatting over lunch at Oatley. What a lovely day!