Monday, May 2, 2011

Our last day in Seoul

Saturday April 30
It rained steadily all through the night and continued into the morning. We packed up and checked out of our hotel at about 9am so we could get our luggage to Stuart and Cherie's apartment in Mokdong. This journey takes about 45mins on the subway. We dodged many puddles, cars and people and made it there successfully.
We worked out that we could offer to take an extra 15kgs, of their stuff, home to Australia. Stuart had some boxes already packed, so then came the task of estimating 15 extra kgs. Rick and Stuart went and bought 6 x 2kg bottles of water to use to compare the weight! They also bought some rope and between them they prepared a pretty good box with a rope handle for our extra luggage item. (As it happened, the weight they estimated was pretty accurate. At the airport our big bags were just under 20kgs and the extra carton was 12kgs. They let us through with that.)

We spent the next few hours with Stuart. We went with him to see a friend of theirs, who was getting married that afternoon. He had a photo taken with the bride and then we were off to the hospital to see Cherie and Lois.
Sadly we didn't get to hold Lois or see her for long. We saw Cherie for a few minutes in between her various appointments with nurses and feeding Lois.
It was sad to say goodbye to Stuart, Cherie and little Lois......... but it was made easier with the wonderful news of them coming back to Australia, to live, in August.

Goodbye Lois!

Our spot outside Cherie's hospital room. it was cooler in the corridors. The rooms were heated to 26 degrees.

Incheon Airport buggy

Stuart helped us with our luggage, in the rain. He travelled half the way with us and farewelled us when we were safely aboard the airport train.
When we got off the train at Incheon airport we were offered a ride with our luggage. We jumped aboard this golf-style buggy. The driver quickly drove us, weaving through the people, all the way to the escalators for the departure check in! That was fun!
The overnight flight home was reasonably painless. despite not sleeping, the 10 hours seemed to pass fairly quickly.

Arriving in Sydney and waiting for the Riverwood train with our luggage intact.

We had a great time in Seoul and it was very special to be there to see Lois on the day she was born.

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