Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend at the coast

Last weekend I spent a very enjoyable time at the coast with 13 other lovely friends from church. Such a relaxing, refreshing time! Good company, good food and accommodation and right on the beach! The skies were cloudy and there was often a coolish breeze, but a small number of us braved the conditions to swim in the ocean. We enjoyed it... once we got used to the temperature. Then we came back to the house and relaxed in the hot spa. I feel very grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends to spend a special time with.

My health is improving and I have just had a good check-up with the specialist. Don't need to see anyone until June. All seems to be going well with the treatment and I am managing the medication much better these days. It's almost 18 months since I was diagnosed and a whole year since I started taking this current medication.

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