Saturday, January 22, 2011

At home

I enjoyed a dinner out on Thursday night with a group of friends. I stayed awake! It was nice to have enough energy to do that.

Rick and I have been spending the holidays at home. No word yet on the job he has been waiting on, except that nothing has been decided. I have been thinking that every phone call might be about the job. I am trying to forget about it! Rick is managing better than me!

In the last two weeks Stuart and Cherie have made the decision to stay in Seoul for the birth of the baby and possibly another year. They have heard nothing from the Australian Embassy regarding the visa. Stuart started to look for a new job in Seoul. He was then surprised to be offered his old job back, after giving notice months ago.
This is wonderful for them, as it means he can continue on with his familiar job ( with good hours) and they can stay in the same apartment for another year.
If the visa is granted before the year is up, they will have to give a couple of months notice and arrange to sub-let the apartment.
Cherie is now six months pregnant and all is well. They are now very relieved to know what is happening and to plan for the baby's arrival without all the packing up and moving house..... or changing countries.

We may be able to go to Seoul to see the baby. We can't make plans yet until we know about the job that Rick is waiting on.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking it easy

Rick and I have been relaxing at home this week. We've caught up with friends and we've spent some time with Cameron, as he has been on holdays too. I've been doing some reading, crocheting and watching the cricket. This was despite the Aussies losing! I thought the English team played very well and deserved to win the Ashes. My health is improving as the side effects of the treatment lessen. There are even times now when I don't think about the treatment etc, which is a sign that things are settling down. People have said that you get to point when you can almost forget you've had anything wrong with you. This might not be far away, as the side effects are becoming more manageable thses days.

Stuart and Cherie are now making plans to stay in Seoul for the birth of their baby ... and possibly until February 2012. They have had to take this decision because time is running out to hear news of Cherie's visa and they've been recently told that the processing has been delayed.
We are sad that we won't see them here this February and will miss the excitement of the birth etc, but are glad that things have worked out with Stuart's job and acc0mmodation in Seoul. There is good medical care in Seoul and there is opportunity for support from their many friends and Cherie's family. If the visa is granted in the next few months, they will make plans to come home to Australia when it's suitable for Cherie and the baby to fly. We are not sure if we'll be visitng them. We'll wait and see what happens with the visa etc.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to you.

We spent New Year's Eve in Cronulla.

A little beach holiday:
Richard and I had a relaxing time "minding" Paul and Jeni's lovely apartment in Cronulla. ( Thanks again, Paul & Jeni)
I loved swimming in the ocean rock pools. We had a couple of cooler days that were great for walking and just looking at the view, followed by some hot days to enjoy swimming in the apartment pool and in the ocean.

We also watched movies and I also read a little and crocheted. Mum and Dad came to visit us one day. We enjoyed spending time with Paul & Jeni on their return from seeing family in Victoria.

The water was inevitably chilly at first, but then I didn't want to get out! These photos aren't the most flattering of me, but I sure had fun! 2011 will hopefully be a good year for me to get fit again.

We all went to Mum and Dad's church, which has just begun meeting in the new building. Mum made us all lunch, before Richard and I said farewell and drove home to Canberra.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Canberra

New Christmas tree with new lights!

I had a lovely catch-up coffee with Leonie just before Christmas.

Partha joined us for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day service in Canberra

It was great to hear the choir sing.

Cameron and us at church in the morning.

Chrsitmas Day lunch:
We enjoyed a very special Christmas lunch...beautifully cooked by the talented chef, Andrew, for his family and friends. Such a special treat for us.
Besides the delicious food and good company, there were fun games such as Sumo wrestling, table soccer, jumping castle, pin ball machine and the old favourite Christmas movie ( National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

Watching the movie

Richard as a sumo wrestler.

Roz and Sherab often host a meal at their place on Christmas night for family and friends. It was great to have the opportunity to go this year......for the very first time!

Roz and Walsa. Roz is showing us her special hand painted art work she brought back from India.

We missed seeing the extended family in Sydney for dinner, but we liked not having to do the traditional pack-up, 3- hour drive and working out a place to stay. My health just wasn't going to stand up to the challenge this year.

Two days after Christmas we had a lovely time at a get together of extended family in Camden.

The picture below is out of context. It was taken in August when Stuart and Cherie were visiting. We missed them on Christmas Day.