Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scrivener Dam and Lois's swing

Saturday 14th July: On the way back from catching a glimpse of Amy and Gavin's brand new twin baby boys - Samuel Frazer and Benjamin Nathan De Corsey in the special nursery in the hospital - we pulled over to view the unusual sight of Srivener Dam overflowing.

Uncle Cameron's gift or a mini slide and swing is coming in handy for Lois when she visits our place. This was her first time enjoying the swing.

Spending time with Lois

We were home and still on holidays and we took the opportunity to pick up Lois and take her on a shopping adventure. The following day we minded her for a while at home. 
We had fun and I think Lois did too!

This is Stuart, Cherie and Lois's apartment block. The door you can see is where they enter to get to their ground floor apartment.

Aldi is so much fun when you have time to look at everything. Lois looks a little serious but she enjoyed it very much!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Relaxing at the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Holiday : July 5 to 12
We are really enjoying our time here at the Gold Coast. Our apartment in Southport is particularly nice and we can walk to the local shopping centre and mall in about 10 minutes. We've been relaxing, walking, shopping, eating, catching buses and even swimming in the pool and spa at the apartments. It's pleasant weather but not what people would call hot! Most days have been sunny with a little cool breeze... our type of weather.

                       Our very comfortable apartment....

                         Great telly for watching  Le Tour !

Walking along the paths close to the Broadwater , with the high rise of Surfer's in the background.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd

Minding Lois....
Today Rick and I minded Lois almost all day! We had a great day. Lois was happy all day. Such a lovely opportunity to spend time with her as we were both on holidays.  We had fun cooking some coconut biscuits and a birthday cake for Cameron.

Rick and Lois spending time in the sun-room , making the most of the sunny winter's day.
Cameron's 29th Birthday
That evening we all went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant, to celebrate Cameron's Birthday. 
Rick taking photos using the you do!

                                                  Having birthday cake for supper.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New things & Blue Mountains

Stuart and Cherie had lots of new things happening in the past couple of months :  a new car, a new job for Stuart, a new apartment to live in and a new baby on the way!

June 30, July1&2 : Richard and I have just returned from a lovely couple of days in the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. These are a few pics including a platypus in the Blue Lake at Jenolan Caves. We had fun going on all the "Scenic" rides at Katoomba and the sun was shining even though it was cold.
The following evening it snowed , so the following day we got to Jenolan Caves and it was very chilly and sleety rain was falling. The caves were much warmer than outside, so it was a good day to visit.