Sunday, September 12, 2010

Choir gigs

Richard has been very busy performing at choir gigs in the last two weeks.
Here are two:

Canberra Men's Cjoir

Strange Weather Gospel Choir.

A week with Carole Anne and Clair

Last week we had Clair and Carole Anne stay with us. They were getting ready for their big trip overseas. Their week was a busy one.... with the hasty packing up from their accommodation, unpacking here and packing up again , travelling down the coast to see friends, working late and doing last minute errands for their trip.

A highlight was when several of us joined them in celebrating Clair's birthday a few days early, on Sunday, September 4. We spent many hours together over lunch and talked until late afternoon!

We enjoyed another lovely meal together, later that week at Roz and Sherab's home.
Wednesday, September 8.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enjoying the Spring Day

Today has been a pleasant sunny day and Richard and I happened to be home on the same day! We had an outing to the shops and had lunch, as well as doing a few things around the house. Richard is currently working one day a week and I have been working on call, as usual.
This week the work for me has slowed a little. I've only worked one day so far.
I've been working lots ( 3 or 4 days each week) all through the Winter terms. It may be easing off a little, now the weather is warming and most people are over their illnesses.
We have some friends staying with us this week. They are between accommodation only for a week.They leave on Friday for a trip to Europe & USA.

Last Saturday Richard sang in a big choir concert and it was well received.
Stuart and Cherie are well and enjoying life in Seoul. They are in the process of applying for a visa for Cherie and hope to return to Australia to live in February. This is very exciting!
Cameron is on a months' holiday overseas and is currently in Florence. he seems to be enjoying himself and seeing lots of interesting things and places.

I am gearing up for the next check-up with the oncologist next week. This marks six months since I've been on the current medication and almost twelve months since I was diagnosed. That day was October 6, 2009.

It's almost time for Floriade and for the Dragon Boat Regatta. My school has entered two whole boats. I am planning to participate this year, despite a few annoying aches and pains.I shouldn't have these.... being so young and vibrant!