Saturday, March 5, 2011

March already!

I've had about half a dozen days at school now and have felt well! It's lovely to feel almost back to "normal" these days. I know I need to still pace my self a little so as not to get fatigued, but I am managing so much better this year than last year!
Richard has had a couple of days' work this year. In the meantime, he has used his time at home to catch up on plenty of things. He's been enjoying the freedom that "no work" brings. He continues to apply for suitable jobs, but is adjusting well to the likelyhood of less full-time contracts from now on.
He's been busy researching solar panels for generating electricity and a new hot water system for our house. Every person who quotes has a different system to push.
We had a good time at our annual church camp at the coast last week-end.
Stuart and Cherie are preparing for the birth of their baby in about 6 weeks'time. They held a baby shower at their apartment last week and had a lovely time with their friends.
The equipment one has for a baby in Seoul seems to be different from here. Strollers are awkward, as they commute by train, bus or taxi. They mostly carry their babies in back/front packs etc. The baby's bed is a system of folding foam pieces that can adjust as the baby grows. They are used to sleeping on/close to the floor, which is heated. It all looks very clever and compact.