Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Birthday Celebrations

Rick's 60th Birthday
Rick turned 60 on the 16th October! We had a party for him on Saturday 12th October. Lots of friends came to celebrate with us. We were very grateful that Ma and Pa made the big effort to come from Sydney, along with Paul and Deirdre, and Paul and Jeni.
Bruce and Sylvia, Lyndal and Amy also came. Sadly Rick's four brothers are scattered over the country and weren't able to come. Richard and Jenny came from Nowra and there were lots of local friends too. I am sure Rick enjoyed it.

Moruya Jazz Festival
Rick and I had a weekend at the coast so that Rick could perform with his choir at the Moruya Jazz Festival. He enjoyed the gigs.

Stuart's Birthday
Stuart had his 28th Birthday on the 21st October. We had a lovely family dinner to celebrate and we were all surprised and impressed when Lois sang "Happy Birthday" to her father, both in Korean and English!