Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday & Easter Monday

Easter Monday - April 25
This was the day set down for Cherie's next check- up, with possibility of an induction. We got the phone call from Stuart after they'd seen the doctor. "Come to meet us at the hospital. Todays' the day."
The induction drip was started at 11am. After about 2 hours, they stopped the drip and Cherie continued on with the labour without any more help. it was a tough day for her. We stayed with them until midnight, when she had been given an epidural to help with the pain. Lois was born at 2:44am the next day.

This was the lull before the storm!

Easter Sunday- April 24
We started the day with breakfast in the hotel. Stuart and Cherie stayed home to relax a little instead of travelling the 25mins or so to join us at 7:30am.
Then we headed off to meet Jee and Dain at Seoul Union Church. This was not too far away from us by subway. It is an international, English speaking church. The venue is in the grounds of Yonsei University. The venue had great facilities for a church to use. This university is a very well known one in Seoul.

We were all given a flower when we arrived and during the service everyone went to the front and added their flower to the big wooden cross. It was very effective. We met several Australians amongst the international congregation.

It was good to catch up with Jee.

....and see Dain again, along with her cousin Michelle

The building the church was in.

After the service we enjoyed a delicious church lunch ... more Western food than we'd seen in a while. We returned to the hotel by early afternoon to meet up with Cherie and Stuart. They decided to go to the English service of the Yeoido Full Gospel Church, closeby to our hotel.

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