Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April - Birthdays & Celebrations

I had two birthday celebrations : Lunch here with the family just before my birthday and then in Sydney while visiting Mum and Dad.
Rick and I also enjoyed a day at the Folk Festival at Easter.

Stuart, Cherie, Lois and Phoebe enjoyed a little holiday break from Easter to Anzac Day. They visited Ma and Pa and then stayed a few nights on the Central Coast.
While they were away Stuart and Cherie celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary on Anzac Day, followed by Lois's third birthday on April 26.
We had a family birthday celebration on their return.
(The camera unfortunately has dust in it, so the pics aren't the best! Imagine I have done some photo enhancing!)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lois and Phoebe

 Computer time with Granddad.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coast weekend with Ladies

Friday March 21 to Monday March 24
I spent a lovely four-day weekend at the coast with 10 of my Thursday group ladies.

 Working hard on this diabolical puzzle! It took all weekend but we finally finished it... along with about five other less difficult puzzles.
 Matching apron, plates and even a pot mitt were found at our holiday house. Modelled by Sue.

Also spent some time in Lugarno with Mum and Dad.

Spent some time with Lois and Phoebe, an outing with Cherie and Lois, catch -ups with friends, and  a couple of deacons meetings thrown in.

Richard was also busy running his Men's Choir workshop one of the weekends and then a trip to Albury, with his other choir, for a workshop and concert.


This photo below tells another story. Recently I went out, leaving some eggs boiling on the stove.... for two and a half hours! A little traumatic.... when I'd remembered the eggs and raced home, not knowing what I'd find. I was out with Cherie and Lois.
Fortunately the house was safe and nothing damaged . No fire trucks were out the front! PHEW!
I am so grateful to have a house!