Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday 26th April - Anzac long weekend

Rick and I went for a little walk around the Lindsay Pryor Arboretum near Scrivener Dam. We were experimenting with Rick's fancy camera he bought a year ago, when we were in Seoul for Stuart and Cherie's wedding. We tried landscapes and close-up shots.The day was a superb Autumn day with a clear blue sky.

Lake Burley Griffin

Lindsay Pryor Arboretum

This bark was cork! I had never seen that before.

In the afternoon we had a lovely visit from Anthea who was on our tour of Spain in January. We swapped photos and stories about our trip.

This is Anthea and me at Monserrat monastry, high up above Barcelona; and then one of us travelling on the coach.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sydney trip

Sylvia and I visited Mum and Dad in Lugarno.
The garden was looking very nice. The weather was very warm and pleasant for late April. We enjoyed our little holiday. We had some shopping time and it was great to see Paul and Deirdre one night for dinner and then Paul and Jeni, the next night!

We saw the brand new retaining wall in the back yard.

The retaining wall was very impressive.

Dad framed Mum's new embroidery.

The three of us visited the same shopping centre twice in the one day! We dropped back home in between to have lunch with Dad. We had morning tea and afternoon tea at the "Cookie Man'. This was a record... even for us.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Birthday ( part three)

Last night I had a birthday visit from Roz, who gave me a lovely shawl. Cameron came over with a huge bunch of flowers. I talked to Deirdre on the phone, and then we went out for dinner. I wore the shawl.

Cameron, Rick and I had a nice time at dinner.

When we came home, Stuart and Cherie were on skype , ready to talk to wish me Happy Birthday. They had some news for us! Stuart has been given his holiday dates. it's the last week in July.They are hoping to come and visit us for 8 days! This is the longest break he can have. It's early days in the planning, but we hope to have a great family time both in Sydney and Canberra. It was a great Birthday present to hear this news.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Birthday ( part two)

This afternoon I took myself on a familiar walk, down to the lake. There's a seat that Rick and I often walk to when we want to do a short walk ( about 45mins return). I took the camera along, to give you an idea how picturesque and peaceful it is on a day like today.

A small boat made these ripples in the water.

We can also walk right around the lake. I am getting my fitness back and can soon resume the longer walks with Bev, when we seem to solve many of the world's pressing problems!

My Birthday (part one)

It's a beautiful sunny Autumn day today. I've had an sms from Jenny and Richard and a lovely card from Mum and Dad, plus a special electronic greeting from Dad! At 82, he's pretty clever with the computer!

Rick gave me these things this morning for my 53rd Birthday. He says I've talked about painting something for 30 years! The mints are just an extra for my handbag.
I am off to morning tea with some lovely friends this morning.
The postman just arrived with a lovely card from Deirdre and family, and I had an e-mail from Sue W.
Since it's just over six months since my breast cancer diagnosis, I am happy and grateful to be as well as I am.

Beautiful tulips from Lee. She tells me I can't kill them! Just keep them away from the heater.

Lee and Wendy took me out to the Botanic Gardens for a delicious morning tea and then lunch! Wendy also gave me a lovely card and book mark. I was very spoilt. They mysteriously declined to be in the below photo. I think it was because they didn't want me to look ugly, standing next to them, or something like that! It was perfect Canberra Autumn weather. There WERE lots of other people there enjoying the day. They were all sitting at the tables in the other direction!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stuart and Cherie in Seoul

We miss Stuart and Cherie as they continue to live in Seoul, but we know they are very happy living there. We'll just have to visit them again!
Just a few photos I've pinched from Cherie's on line photos:

Lyndal & Nick caught up with Cherie & Stuart, briefly, in Seoul on April 2. They had a stopover in Seoul, on their way to London.

Stuart and Cherie having dinner with Cherie's brother, SeunGuen and his wife, JinYoung

Cherie and Stuart with friends.

I like this photo!

Cherie singing at a church conference ( I think).