Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lois is one day old - Wed 27th April

This morning when we arrived at the hospital, Lois was in the room. before Stuart went to work he was able to hold Lois for the first time. Cherie hadn't held her much either over the first 24hours. The baby spends most of the time in the nursery. Hopefully tonight they will both get a chance to have some time with Lois and check her all out...tiny fingers and toes etc. They don't seem to do this here as much as we all like to do back in Oz.
We hope we'll get the chance to hold her in the next day or two. The nurses are pretty strict with this and are ever vigilant!

They have mini cots on wheels that they use to transport the babies around the hospital.

Lois has long legs. Cherie said that the doctor commented too.We caught a glimpse of her legs and we touched her toes. Stuart says she has his feet!

Lois is quite alert. It's lovely to see her eyes.


Sylvia said...

What gorgeous photos. She is just perfect.

Janelle and Richard said...

Thanks Sylvia. Yes she is just lovely. It's been great to be here for this amazing event.Janelle xxx