Friday, November 26, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Today Richard and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We were married on this day, 33 years ago. Tonight we had a pleasant and tasty dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

We both worked today. Richard started a fifteen day contract on Wednesday this week. With his other part time work, he'll be busy until just before Christmas. I had three days' work at school this week. I am feeling much better and managing work pretty well.

Thinking a lot about Stuart and Cherie, in Seoul at the moment. We are keeping an eye on the news and hoping tensions die down very soon. They are waiting on news of the visa so they can come home in February. Cherie is well and is now 18 weeks' pregnant. All is well with the baby too.

Cameron is well and seems to be enjoying himself. The three of us are travelling to Sydney for niece Emma and Marc's engagment party tomorrow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sydney Choir visit - Nov13 &14

Birds enjoying the bird bath at Lugarno

Sydney Town Hall : MCAA Concert on Sunday Nov 14

Mum, Dad and I went to see Richard in the 300-voice male choir concert in the Sydney Town Hall. There were choirs from NSW, ACT and even one from Wellington,New Zealand taking part. It was an entertaining concert.

Concert rehearsal

The choirs on stage. Some may be able to pick out Roy towards the middle. Also Warren is towards the front. Richard took the shot.

Richard, as president of his choir, was asked to walk on stage with all the other representatives, at the conclusion of the concert, to accept a trophy. He bowed and we clapped!

Lovely Spring Day

It's Saturday and it is a very pleasant Spring day.

We've had dozens of very large white camellias in the garden. The larger ones have all bloomed and now the smaller buds are taking their turn. This is one of the small ones. I should have taken some photos in the last couple of weeks!

I've had a good week and am happy to say that my health is indeed improving. It's been many, many months since I felt this well.

I am taking it easy after successfully working for two days in a row! This is something I haven't been able to do for a couple of months.
Thanks to a friend, I was able to find out that taking an antihistamine helps with the side effects of the Arimidex ( cancer medication that I have to be on for five years). I've been experimenting for the last week. I have found that it's taken away a lot of the awful grogginess I was experiencing and has also helped with after effects of the vertigo which I've been dealing with for the past 6 weeks or so. The GP has OK-ayed it, so I am giving it a go.

The other side effects of Arimidex eg joint aches , hot flushes, broken sleep etc are still with me, but they are largely manageable. I still am waiting to have my hearing and balance checked out, in case the two recent bouts of vertigo ( Oct 9 and 19) are an indication of some other condition, rather than a side effect of the medication.
Just over a year after my first surgery, I can say that I am doing reasonably well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah & Kevin's Engagement party

On Sunday 24th October, we celebrated Sarah and Kevin's Engagement at a lovely brunch with a house full of people. Despite the very rainy day, everyone had a great time. Paul had organised an amazing system of tarps to shelter most of the backyard and keep the many guests dry!

It was also great to catch up with old friends

Avril's Party

In September we celebrated Avril's 21st with family and her friends.

Deirdre and Sarah busy in the kitchen.

School Camp

I was invited as an extra teacher on an overnight camp. I was happy to have been asked and I enjoyed the time. I managed the camp well despite feeling a bit achey from the medication and having the expected broken night's sleep.

Tom and Angela's visit

One day a huge house on wheels arrived at our place! It was Tom and Angela, dropping in on their way north. They'd been to many places in NT, SA and Vic. It was good to see them.

Angela cooked us a lovely dinner in their luxurious mobile home. It's the first time I'd had dinner on the road outside our house.
They stayed overnight on the street!

Nowra visit in October

It's been a month since I wrote. I've been feeling fairly ordinary ( to use a cricket commentator's term) for months now. I am hoping that the side effects of the treatment will settle down in the months ahead. It seems that they are due mainly to the drug I am on. The joint aches are lessening and the very bad back pain has finally gone. Currently I've been having bouts of vertigo, which is very uncomfortable but not serious.
It's a year ago, this week, since I had my breast cancer operation. I am impatient to feel well again.

In between health problems, we've managed to enjoy some times away. In early October we spent a lovely couple of day with our dear friends , Richard and Jenny, in Nowra. They really spoilt us!

Richard and Richard went whale watching off Huskisson and actually saw a baby whale close up, and plenty of dolphins. The movies are better than the still shots!

Dodge relaxing....