Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday 30 January

Well, we've been home a week from our wonderful trip to Europe and Sth Korea.
Richard is back at work and I have been unpacking and catching up with things at home. The Christmas tree, the cards and decorations needed to be packed away.
We had dinner with some special friends this week. I also went to a great concert to see Fred Smith and the Spooky Men Chorale. Richard's choir is about to start up with a new musical director, so he's heavily involved with all that.
Next week I need to go to a few medical appointments. I will find out the next step in the treatment. It's likely to be an operation to remove my ovaries. This is needed to further reduce the oestrogen in my body, which is effective in helping prevent a future cancer growing. There's also a physio check-up and a special exercise class to attend, to name just a few.

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