Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy first week of February

Well, it's Friday and this week has been quite busy. I have had doctors' appointments, exercises, meetings and a physio check-up.
I have a date for the next Surgery for hormone treatment ( oophorectomy) . It's going to happen on Thursday February 18. Only two weeks to wait this time.
I have had a lymphoedema check-up and thankfully, there are no signs of that condition. This is a good report as it tells me that the plane travel, we did in December and January, didn't affect my arm.

Jim and Jane are leaving our church this weekend, which is sad for us all. I am sure that an interesting and exciting new part of their lives is about to start.

Jim enthusiastically waving goodbye to someone.
Sadly, very soon we'll be waving goodbye to him and Jane.

Stuart and Cherie are happy in their new apartment in Seoul. Stuart has started a new teaching contract and Cherie is looking for a new job in the area where they are now living. I think they are enjoying themselves very much.
Cameron's job in the public service has just been made permanent and Rick has about another 4 weeks of interesting work. This is all good news.

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Gordon said...

Mum and I are very glad to congratulate Cameron on getting a permanent job.It seems to us that it was the best thing for him for now and in the future!