Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stop-over in Paris

We flew on "Squeezy jet" from Barcelona to Paris. The plane was delayed 2 hours by earlier foggy weather, so when we arrived in Paris it was after midnight. All trains and buses had stopped, so we had to catch a taxi to the hotel. What a nice way to travel! I could get really used to that!
It was lovely to see Paris again after 28 years. As you will see, it wasn't at all tropical weather, but we still enjoyed walking around. We caught buses and trains when we needed to warm up from the cold and wet weather. We also had a few hot drinks along the way.

The sun was trying to shine! The temp was -1 degrees C , with a cool breeze! We weren't at all sweaty, like we were when we were here last in July 1982!

The Paris copy of the Statue of Liberty. I was going to say we went to New York as well, but I know you wouldn't have believed me.

Our "mini" hotel in Paris. The lift was just big enough for one person and a large bag.

This was a moving footway in the huge new terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport. We look like the only ones there. We found our fellow passengers about 3kms away from the Check-In counter ! Glad I left my high heels at home.

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