Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stuttgart to Berlin - 5th & 6th January

In the morning,we had no trouble spending three hours at the Mercedes Benz Museum. It has a
very impressive collection of Mercedes cars over the years,as well as exhibits about world
events. The building itself was well worth a look. In the early afternoon, Sandra picked us from the museum and took us home via the Stuttgart TV tower. We went to the top to check out the view. The day was clear enough for us to see all over the Stuttgart area. The snow covered countryside was lovely to view. We returned home and spent some time with Sandra and Lars before they kindly drove us to the airport. Our time in Stuttgart was really enjoyable, thanks to the hospitality of Sandra and Lars.
Our short flight to Berlin was on time and only about half full. We arrived in Berlin,
between snow falls. The airport was clear and dry.We successfully negotiated the public
transport (bus and Metro) to get to Stadmitte ( city centre) station. We then walked a short
ditance to our hotel, which is very modern and clean, but very budget! The internet has a
charge, so we are a bit restricted with our computer use here. Not sure when we will use it
again.Today We spent four hours doing a walking tour around the central area of Berlin.Very
fascinating indeed.I must add that it was minus 8 degrees, so not the most pleasant of
temps..... but extremely interesting and worthwhile to do. I didn't have enough layers on,
so Rick took off his fleecy jacket and gave it to me. Then I felt better and stopped
thinking I was going to die from exposure! He was fine without the fleecy jacket as he
decided to wear the big black duck feather- filled coat and I wore my new better fitting one
that I bought in Stuttgart. We had plenty of clothes to wear but we didn't have time to go
back to the hotel to add more layers! We will add some photos when we can. Berlin is a
fascinating city. The snowy,freezing weather sounds bad on the news, but we have been fine so far. Hoping that our plane will be able to fly on Friday, when we are due to leave here for Madrid.
Our thoughts and prayers are with our immediate and extended family at this time, with the
sad news of the passing of our dear beloved Aunty Dorothy. Even though we are too far away
to be with you, we are thinking of you all.


Sylvia said...

Hi Janelle and Rick, The funeral for Aunty Dorothy was a wonderful celebration of her long and special life. Lovely to see the family even on such a sad day. Glad you are having a good time. Really enjoying the blog entries.

janelle said...

Good to hear about the funeral, Sylvia. Glad it was a celebration. Thanks for leaving the comments. Nice to know someone is reading the blog!
Love janelle