Thursday, January 14, 2010

Granada, Wed 13th January

Granada is a fascinating place! Such a lot of ..... even from the beginning of Christianity and Islam. There´s Gypsies around the place, Catholic cathedrals that used to be mosques in ancient times, palaces and much more. Such wonderful architecture and well preserved walls both inside and out. Ancient wall decorations and artefacts. We saw where Christoper Columbus hung out.
People on the bus are fun to be with. Younger and older and same age, single and married too. Some even from Canberra.
It is raining here now. No more snow for the last two days and the temps have warmed up.... more like a mild winter at home. About 10 degrees today, which suits us fine.
Having a great time. it seems busy on the tour but we have had some spare time too and have had nice hotel rooms. All good!
Had dinner in a restaurant with the tour tonight. We can find inexpensive lunches here, so it´s working out quite well with the Euros!
The Mercedes bus is comfy and the roads are good.

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