Monday, January 11, 2010

Madrid le tour

It´s just 5am on Monday and I have just snuck out of our room and made haste to the hotel computer in the foyer, before everyone gets up, to send you this brief message! It is dim light, so I hope it makes sense!
We have met the tour people and all seem to be nice and easy to get on with.
We have seen the old city of Toledo ( about an hours´ drive away), which was such an amazing place to see. It has been very well preserved. WE then had a city tour of Madrid
We´ve also walked through the Prado Art Museum and have seen some wonderful paintings. It is cold here in Madrid. Not as cold as Berlin, but cold enough to snow. The fountains in the city are frozen and the locals thing it´s cold. We caught a bus and then walked back to the hotel in the snow last night, from the Prado.
Today we are driving south and it should get warmer from here on in... but who knows.
The bus is almost full, buit it seems comfortable so far.
Many Australians and Americans on board. It is cold sitting here in the foyer, with only dim light to type by. I must return to the room . Hope all is well with you as you read this.
Rick and I a re certainly well and enjoying all the new experiences. We still have some ¨Euro¨ left, so that is a good sign as well.

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