Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday November 5

It feels like I am packing for an exciting holiday starting tomorrow! I am thinking of the meals being prepared and I am imagining being able to rest in a bed with a view. There's bound to be lots of kind people looking after me too. I am not dwelling on all the other bits that will accompany this "holiday".
Today I am off to spend time with some lovely women from church. We will have our normal small group time this morning ( some people would say it's never "normal small group time" ha ha) and then we are having lunch together at Kathryne's place. They are such supportive friends, who are a delight to spend time with. I am very lucky. We have lots of laughs, which is really important, I think.

A cake made for me, by Kathryne. She made a delicious lunch to go with it.

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