Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday November 6 - The operation

Janelle and I arrived at John James Hospital at 7:30AM and various tests were carried out on her. The main one was to pinpoint the sentinel lymph nodes. At 2:45PM she was taken into the Operating Theatre wing of the hospital. I then went home because it was too upsetting, waiting there and thinking about it all.
I got back to the hospital at 6:15PM and Janelle had already eaten her tea. Cameron had arrived. She had a drain bag and a drip, both of which will probably come out tomorrow so that going for walks won't be quite as hard. She has been told to use her arms normally except for reaching up high. She is very happy about it all. I left her at 10PM to come home. She was dozing off.
Her phone number is 02 6281 8709. Please don't ring her until after 9AM so that her sleep is not disturbed. Visiting hours are any time except between 1PM and 3PM. If visiting please do not stay too long. To get to her ward, go in the main driveway of the hospital grounds and proceed till you reach the end of the main hospital building. Turn right and park in one of the visitor spots. Go to the door which gets you to the Curtin Ward, go in and up the stairs. Find C21.


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