Friday, November 20, 2009

Second week after surgery

Nov 16 to Nov 20
This week has been busy.... well, busy for a person who has recently had surgery.

Monday morning, early, saw the community nurse come to take the drain out and monitor the wound. Such a relief to have the drain disconnected. Later that morning was my first outing. It was to Daphne's Thanksgiving Service. It was such a lovely service for Daphne. Following the service, I joined family and friends for lunch and then went back to Lee and Greg's for more food and chatting. I caught up with old friends, while Rick returned to work. I managed really well on my first outing!

Tuesday I rested and talked to friends. So many kind people have visited and sent cards and e-mails.

On Wednesday I needed the community nurse to visit to help me with a bad reaction to the dressing. It was a relief to know it was an allergic reaction, rather than an infection or straining the stitches by doing too much! A trip to the mall with a friend that afternoon, plus more visits from friends at home, helped to pass the time nicely.

Thursday proved to be a very pleasant day, full of social engagements. Morning tea and meeting with a special group of ladies, resting at home and then attending a baby shower for 4 women from school. Great to catch up with the school crowd. So hot! then in the evening, over to Cameron's with Rick, for a short visit. On the way home we had dinner out. I didn't stay up much past 9pm!

I can't drive as yet, so people have been driving everywhere!
Friday ( today) I've had a pleasant day at home. A few more visits and phone calls too. I am so glad we have air-con ! I think it got to 38 degrees.

Rick had a job interview today. This sounds positive.

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