Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rick's new job and good results from surgeon.

Monday 23 Nov: Barbara picked me up to have lunch with friends at the mall. I realised that the weekend's activities had made me quite tired., but they were fun.

Tuesday 24 Nov: I eagerly awaited the 3pm appointment with the surgeon.
Rick and I were given the rest of the pathology report, which was very good. It confirmed that I did not need radiotherapy or chemo therapy and that I would be referred to an oncologist to discuss ricks and benefits of hormone therapy. The cancer was hormone positive, with no evidence of the cancer spreading to surrounding vascular or lymphatic cells. This is great news as it's the simplest to be treated. The surgeon also said that the wound is healing well.

Wednesday 25 Nov : I've spent the day relaxing, reading up on hormone treatments and resting.
Rick rang to say he has been offered a short-term job, starting Monday! This is wonderful news.
He is happy with this job, as it's sounds interesting and the hours are flexible.

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