Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabulous results - back early

Thursday 12th Nov 2:30pm
Where was I when I heard the news?
Well, I was lying down having a rest, when the surgeon rang.

I thought it was a lovely gesture that she should take time out to ring and check up on me.
After I told her "I was doing well and resting like a good girl", she said that she had some good news for me.
It was a wonderful moment, that was totally unexpected. I was told it would be the following week when I would get the results.

I wrote this e-mail below and sent it to lots of people:

"I have great news!

The pathology report came back quickly.

The surgeon just rang me to say I will NOT be needing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy!

The cancer was a Grade 1 (slow growing) and was 2cm in size, as in the original pathology. They checked a bigger suspect area around that, and it was found to be clear of cancer.
The 2 lymph nodes that were taken out were completely clear.

The only wait now is on the "receptors" report (hormone- related etc). These findings will determine whether I need to take a daily tablet for the next 5 years . The specialist will have those results on Nov 24, when I see her.


Thanks to all of you who have been thinking of me and praying for me etc.!

Much love and celebrations here,

from Janelle."

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