Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home from Hospital

It's great to be home!
I am sitting back home in my reclining chair, sending you a message to say all is well.
Rick came and got me from the hospital this morning and I arrived home about 1o:45am.
I got a good report from the nurses, even though my blood pressure was a little high. They said that it's a MUST that I rest and not resume normal activities for a couple of weeks. This is to recover properly from the effects of the anaesthetic and the assorted other drugs I have been given.
The surgeon saw me yesterday, Mon 9 Nov. She was pleased with the surgery and my recovery so far.

I found that my stay in hospital was very pleasant indeed. The surgery was relatively painless, compared to others I have experienced. So much support has been available from the health system, which was both surprising and overwhelming at times. I am grateful to be living in a country such as this!
Thanks to family and to friends, who have shown their love and support in all different ways. This has been very much appreciated.
My job now is to rest and wait patiently for the pathology results, which will determine the next step in the treatment. All looks positive so far, but no firm conclusions can be drawn until all the tests are done. The results will be available within the next ten to fourteen days.

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Gordon said...

Mum and i are glad that you are home RESTING