Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding Day, April 25

It's 10am and we have a nice morning off to rest up ready for the wedding this afternoon. Stuart and Cherie are arriving at the wedding venue after they have breakfast with Stuart's three friends from Japan. They have travelled here especially for the wedding.

It's a coldish, dull day; but it doesn't matter, because the whole wedding celebration is taking place inside. We are to meet Cherie and Stuart at 2:30pm. It will take us about an hour on the subway to get there. I will take my special wedding outfit ( hanbok) with me in the box and someone will help me put it on correctly, at the venue. Richard and Cameron will wear their suits on the train. The wedding is at 4pm.
All is well. Stuart and Cherie have managed to organise a two-night honeymoon on Jeju Island. This island is south of the mainland and is known as a honeymoon island.

It's all very exciting and we are glad to be here to be part of it.

More later....


kelli said...

We are so pleased that everything is going well for you. I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't post a photo of the hanbok fitting but I guess we'll see it soon enough.
We hope it is a wonderful day for you and all the family and we wish Stuart and Sherie many blessings in their life together. Love Kelli and Phil

Clair Hochstetler said...

Looking forward to seeing those wedding pics posted here, too! Very interesting and informative blog, Janelle, a great way to help us all get a great "feel" of what is happening and how things "look."

I can tell your two families are all having a fabulous celebrative experience - as it should be!

Love and prayers,

Sylvia said...

Hope it has all gone really well. Can't wait to see the photos! Thinking of you all and hoping you looked wonderful in the hanbok and that Rick went well with the singing. Best wishes to Stuart and Cherie. Love Sylvia and Bruce