Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stuart and Cherie's Wedding

The special day : April 25 at 4 pm

It was a great time ! Here are a some photos . I have many more to choose later.
If you are on facebook, look at Cameron's page. He has a good wedding album.

Sign in the foyer

Sign outside the chapel

I had just got changed into my hanbok,with the help of Cherie's aunty ( pictured). They had a special dressing room for brides and hanbok- wearing relatives.

Talking to Yuko, with Tomoyo and Kikuo in the background.
Yuko and Kikuo looked after Stuart when he was studying in Tokyo. Tomoyo is Stuart's good friend from Tokyo. It was lovely that they made the effort to come, from Tokyo, to the wedding.

Before the wedding service, Cherie was seated in a special room, getting photos taken. We were asked to join her.

The mothers are the first to walk down the aisle at the wedding. Cherie's aunt took the place of her mother (Cherie's mother passed away about 6 years ago).
Our job was to light candles at the front. I gestured to Cherie's aunt that I could try and bend my knees under the hanbok, so I didn't look so tall. She laughed and poked me and shook her head etc.

Stuart walks down the aisle. The music is playing... piano and strings. When Stuart reaches the front, he turns and bows to the congregation. There is warm applause ( as well as spot lights, bubbles and dry ice smoke!) . He stands and waits for his bride. Cherie and her father walk down the aisle. Cherie joins Stuart at the front. Cherie's father then takes his seat, just to the side, opposite us.

Exchange of rings

Richard singing "How Great Thou Art". They were all impressed.
He did well.

Stuart and Cherie bow to the parents and everyone claps.
We had pride of place at the front ( a bit like the queen).

They are married !

Stuart and Cherie bowing to the congregation. On the right is Cherie's father and her aunt. There were several assistants, who gave us instructions and adjusted dresses etc. Two of them are bowing with the married couple.

The pastor, pictured here, did a superb job of a bilingual service. He is Korean, but has spent a lot of his early life in America. He has been very helpful to Stuart as he has understanding of both cultures. He has a good sense of humour and he spoke very well.

I forgot to mention the special effects.... smoke from dry ice and bubbles that drifted across at various times. Here is an example.....

This is after we lit the candles on the "altar". Mine were on the left.
After we bowed and everyone clapped, I was escorted to my seat across the river of dry ice.

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