Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seoul: Monday April 20 to Thursday April 23

Monday: It rained all day. Good day for shopping. We went to Yongsan mall, which has floors and floors of electronic gadgets.

Buying a camera

The man said it's cheaper for cash! Cameron withdrew thousands of "won". He was a "half a millionaire" for a few moments.

Tuesday: We met up with Ko and Jee and daughter, Da-In. We had breakfast with them and then we spent the day with Jee and her five year old daughter, Da-In. Ko had to go to work.
(I work with Jee at school.) We had great fun.

Wednesday: We went to Guri on the train to visit Stuart. On the way home we dropped in at COEX mall, which is huge! We also got a fantastic view from the 52nd floor of the World Trade Center Tower. Great day!

Countryside outside train window while we were travelling towards Guri.

Walking from Guri station to Stuart's house. It's a beautiful park.

Azaleas in bloom everywhere. According to one tour guide, the azalea is the national flower.

Stuart's unit block (small, brick building with a white car parked outside)

Cam is pointing to Stuart's window. His unit is on the first floor.

Cherie at her Kindergarten.

Lunch at Doeksu, near Stuart's work.

Rice sweets. Stuart loves them.

Stuart's school. A well-known English school "chain" in Korea.

His classroom. The school is new... set up on one floor in an older building.

World Trade Center Tower

Great view from 52nd Floor. Seoul stretches a long way into the distance.

Thursday: Korean Folk Village, Suwon
Cherie kindly organised for us to be picked up from our hotel and taken on a private tour to the Folk Village. We travelled for about an hour South of Seoul. We experienced the huge toll roads and the continuous traffic. We were allowed to travel in the very fast bus lane, because we had five on board ( us, plus our guide and the driver). The driver was asked to pull over by a traffic policeman and was issued a ticket. This was just as we were leaving the hotel. The driver made an illegal U-turn across the huge main road! We did not film that!
The folk village was very interesting. There were little Korean school kids there in droves! They all said "hello" to us as they walked past. it was like we were celebrities.

A very short guard that looked remarkably like Cameron.

A group of giggling Korean girls asked that "Cameron" guard to have his photo taken with one of them. The group of girls giggled and pointed! Cameron was a hit with the girls.

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