Friday, April 17, 2009

Arrrived in Korea!

At Han Suites

Richard, Cameron and I have arrived safely in Seoul, after a great flight. The plane was about half full, so plenty of room around us. We had 6 seats for the three of us. Our driver met us at the arrivals with a special English sign.
He drove us quite swiftly to our lovely apartment, in the heart of Seoul. That trip took an hour, with little holdups and the traffic heading out of Seoul was pretty amazing to watch. We travelled on and passed over several multi- laned roads and long bridges over waterways and the river. Very interesting to sit back and be driven! Glad we didn't try to hire a a car!!!!
Stuart and Cherie were waiting for us at the Han Suites. It was fantastic to see them. It all feels a bit unreal that we are way up here on the top half of the world!
They found us a little barbecue place where we cooked the pork at the table and wrapped it up in fresh lettuce leaves with all sorts of sauces and veges. Very tasty. Our advice is stay away from the wasabi ( looked like avocado paste), but all else was OK.
Stuart and Cherie had bought us food supplies to start us on our adventure. They had found a French bakery and bought us a lovely cake to celebrate our arrival.
Cherie brought my special wedding outfit to try and it fits! We emptied half our bags to give them all the things we'd brought from home!
All in all, a wonderful first day!

Our tasty barbecued pork meal with spicy trimmings.

Celebration cake. Complete with little party fire crackers and candles.


Amy said...

Hi Lamonts!
So glad you're there safely and enjoying your time. It's so exciting that your family will soon have a new Lamont! Take care and have fun exploring.
Love Amy and Gav

Sylvia said...

So glad I checked the blog! glad you are having a great time. The BBQ idea is good. Love to Cherie and Stuart.