Friday, April 17, 2009

Seoul...... just walking around

April 17
We have walked a fair bit today. Just getting our bearings and enjoying the different scene here.
We've seen the top and bottom end of the shopping experience......upmarket dept stores adjacent to haphazard street stalls. Shoe shining booths line many streets. Some food is unrecognisable, but we've seen plenty that we could attempt to eat.
Not seen one maccas in our travels as yet, which has surprised us!
However plenty of donut shops, bakeries, coffee shops and a few fast food chicken outlets. Lots of cars. A fair few people , but not overwhelming. We have to remind ourselves to look left, right left and then right, left, right.... and then run for our lives. People in cars and motorbikes do amazing things!
Going out again in the early evening to check out more interesting places and to look for an evening meal we all like!
We found a good place to eat dinner, thanks to Stuart's suggestions. It was only a few minutes' walk from our apartment. Cameron and I both had a sort of an omelette/crepe filled with tasty rice and veges and sauce. Richard had a bowl of rice with strips of beef and several veges. It had the usual spicy accompaniments eg kimchi, an unrecognisable yellow fruit cut into even slices and very short,wide noodles that looked like tofu.
We found a bakery and bought a few pastries for dessert. We also found a supermarket down a narrow street, a little bigger than the usual convenience stores. it was a challenge buying the things without the language, but we made it using pointing, a little bowing, smiling and some thumbs up signs!!!


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