Monday, April 20, 2009

Seoul, Saturday April 18

Saturday started off at a leisurely pace at our apartment. We washed clothes and e-mailed etc. Then the pace picked up when Stuart and Cherie met us about 1pm. That morning they had been to the photographer's to choose the wedding photos for their special album. They were pleased with their photos. They have the whole set of them to keep, as well. Some more will be taken on the day, so they will have a wonderful collection by then.

Stuart and Cherie introduced us to the trains and buses. We visited the Palace with many others! The weekends are quite busy at tourist places. We joined the Japanese language guided tour as it was too long to wait for the English one! Stuart translated where appropriate. Interpretive signs were written in English, so we got the drift.

The subway. The doors to the right are glass and open when the train arrives.

Near the palace ,we had lunch at a fancy cafe that makes almost everything ( sweet and savoury dishes) out of rice. Very tasty!

At the palace entrance

Beautiful azaleas in the palace grounds. Azaleas grow very well in Seoul.

The palace grounds are extensive and quite close to downtown Seoul.

From a road side stall we ate fish- shaped sweet pancakes filled with red bean.

Then we went to Insadong. Great shopping area. Stuart bought us honey sweets to try. The honey was spun into very fine noodles and mixed with nuts. A bit like fairy floss I suppose.

We decided we wouldn't try these! I think it was silk worm lavae. Didn't stick around to ask!

We came back to our apartment for dinner. having Cherie with us was great. She rang up and ordered take- away, which was sort of Chinese and Korean food combined. It was lovely. It was delivered to our door on large plastic serving plates. After the meal we put the dirty dishes in a plastic bag, outside the door and they came back later to collect them.

After dinner, Cherie guided us back down to the main street to take a bus up to the Namsan Tower to look at the view of Seoul. Crowds of people at about 9:00pm. Great view of the lights and the red neon crosses sprinkled across the city, denoting the Christian churches.

What a day! We fiited in a lot of things. We fell into bed.

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Barbara said...

Hello Lamonts and Cherie. It's lovely to read what you're doing and the exciting things you're seeing. Hope you have a wonderful day on Saturday, Cherie and Stuart.
Love from Barbara and Bruce