Monday, April 20, 2009

Seoul, Sunday April 19

Sunday was hectic. First we met Stuart and Cherie at the subway at 8am. We travelled an hour to the Youido Full Gospel Church- apparently the largest church. We had headphones for English translation. Interesting , unusual and worth the trip.
After Western style coffee we made our way home for another take- out lunch that Stuart and Cherie went and bought. Then we made our way to Gangnam. This is a very alive place with heaps of shopping and entertainment. This is where we posed for a photo on the footpath and sent it in an an e-mail from the touch screen.

We went to Stuart and Cherie's church service at 2pm.
At 5pm we made it a long way across town to have dinner with Cherie's extended family. The dinner went well and they were very friendly. and welcoming. Lots of smiles and nods and an occasional translation by Cherie (in Korean, for all) or Stuart (in Japanese, for Cherie's father). It was at a traditional Korean restaurant, where we sat on the floor. The Lamonts found it harder to sit there than the Kangs! The meal went well. It was a very special time.

After the meal, we said our goodbyes and Cherie's brother and friend drove us in two cars to the Techno Mart, to do a spot of lap- top shopping!
Cameron and Stuart were getting prices and specs to buy Stuart and Cherie a lap top.
Time then to make our way back home by train. Stuart and Cherie stayed with us a little longer, then headed back on the train to their homes... more than an hour away. It was a very full and memorable day.

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Sylvia said...

So great to see all the photos and to see you are all having a great time. All is well here.