Monday, January 9, 2012

Istanbul - January 5 & 6

Walking along the Bosphorus River. This is the waterway that  flows through Istanbul joining the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.  Many people tried to sell us a river cruise. The price got cheaper the further we walked! We ended up choosing one. Mosques are everywhere and we hear the call to prayer over the loud speakers several times a day. We didn't detect much difference in the streets when the prayer call was sounded. It seemed to us that the majority continued with their normal tasks.

We loved all the shops selling  Turkish Delight, Nougat and other sweet treats. We tasted some.

The road leading to our hotel. Very central to the old city.

On board the Bosphorus ferry pulling out from the dock. Small boats in foreground were serving fresh fish in big bread rolls. We had them for lunch.

Archaeological Museum in Istanbul was very interesting.

This is the "fish" boat that served fresh fish in bread. Could have had saladas well, but we steered clear just in case!

A close up of the fish boats... all decorated. A famous/ traditional lunch or snack served daily at the Bosphorus.

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