Monday, January 2, 2012

Lamont Update 2011


It's Now NEW YEAR... but I will post this Christmas update below. Got a little busy and didn't quite get it out before Christmas. I hope you have had a good year.

Here is a quick update for 2011:
We've become grandparents, which has been a wonderful experience!
Lois Janelle Lamont  dob: 26/4/11

Our beautiful granddaughter, Lois Janelle Lamont, was born in Seoul on April 26th.
We were there! We planned to be there for two weeks and we were fortunate that the baby arrived about 5 days before we were due to return home. The timing was good as we spent time with Stuart and Cherie prior to Lois arriving and then saw Lois when she was only hours old! Cherie went into hospital on their 2nd Wedding Anniversary and Lois was born the next morning.

Also, on the day of Lois' birth, they received some other great news. Cherie's temporary resident visa to come to Australia was granted! This was such good news! They'd been waiting a while!

Lois, Cherie and Stuart arrived on July 30th, and came to Canberra to live with us. It has been good to have them with us, and to watch Lois grow. Lois has been a very happy and easy baby so far, which has been lovely for us all.

Us after the dedication service for Lois
Stuart has been studying Computer Networking at CIT and has done very well. He has two more semesters to go, so they will probably  continue to live with us all of 2012.
Cameron is working at the Dept of Health and Ageing and they have recently given him his own office. I think he is doing well there. Rick has had a contract on the same floor for the last six months part time.  He has just heard that it will continue for a couple more months.

I ( Janelle) worked the equivalent of three days a week from July to December 2011. It was busier than I expected so I am going back to doing day at a time relief work this coming year. This will free me to take  time off when needed, to better manage my health. Have been experiencing ongoing side effects from the drug I need to take for five years. I think they are improving and hope 2012 will be better.

One of the  highlights for Rick  in 2011 was to buy a near new car in October. He loves his Skoda! He has enjoyed discovering its many features.

Rick's Skoda Superb all ready to be used as a bridal car for a friend's wedding.

We have had an eventful 2011. We are hoping that 2012 will bring much joy and health to you and us alike.

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