Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 We were taken to a fancy leather shop. First we had a fashion parade. The guy pictured below was one of our tour members, Steve, who was chosen to be a model at the end of the show.
I helped a number of our tour ladies buy their coats. That was fun. Then, to my surprise, Richard bought one. It's lovely. Thinking back, I probably should have looked for myself but at the time I thought I didn't need another coat. They weren't cheap... but very nice quality.

The local market

 Our tour director then took us to a big local market. That was fun. Fruit and veges were all very fresh. Busy place.

Then it was off to the Antalya Archaeological Museum
This statue was recently put back together after Barack Obama allowed the top half to be sent back to Turkey from the US. The Turkish people are very happy about it.

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