Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last day in Istanbul... last day in Turkey

Having breakfast in the "roof bar" of our hotel . A great view of this part of Istanbul.

Saying good bye to our tour friends at breakfast. Some had already left on early morning flights.

We had a whole day to fill in before we had to leave for the airport.  We filled in the day easily. Joy, Steve and us went exploring from our hotel. We walked a long way to get  to the Bosphorus River. We liked the dentist sign. We caught the public mini bus back up the hill to the hotel. That was an experience in itself.

Our hotel room overlooked this school. The picture of Ataturk  on the building was not a surprise to us. We heard a lot about the hero of  Modern Turkey - Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk.  He seemed to be everywhere!

Steve and Joy having  coffee at the Bosphorus with us

Here we are on the other side of the table at the cafe. Not sure why Rick looks so fat! We only had hot chocolate.
Soon it was time to say farewell  to our new friends and leave Istanbul. We had a midnight flight to Hong Kong.

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