Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Canberra

New Christmas tree with new lights!

I had a lovely catch-up coffee with Leonie just before Christmas.

Partha joined us for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day service in Canberra

It was great to hear the choir sing.

Cameron and us at church in the morning.

Chrsitmas Day lunch:
We enjoyed a very special Christmas lunch...beautifully cooked by the talented chef, Andrew, for his family and friends. Such a special treat for us.
Besides the delicious food and good company, there were fun games such as Sumo wrestling, table soccer, jumping castle, pin ball machine and the old favourite Christmas movie ( National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

Watching the movie

Richard as a sumo wrestler.

Roz and Sherab often host a meal at their place on Christmas night for family and friends. It was great to have the opportunity to go this year......for the very first time!

Roz and Walsa. Roz is showing us her special hand painted art work she brought back from India.

We missed seeing the extended family in Sydney for dinner, but we liked not having to do the traditional pack-up, 3- hour drive and working out a place to stay. My health just wasn't going to stand up to the challenge this year.

Two days after Christmas we had a lovely time at a get together of extended family in Camden.

The picture below is out of context. It was taken in August when Stuart and Cherie were visiting. We missed them on Christmas Day.

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