Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lamont - Christmas Update 2010

Lamont’s Christmas update 2010

At the end of a challenging year, we are all doing well.


January: Rick and I managed to go on a wonderful overseas trip in between my various health treatments. We spent time with Stuart and Cherie in Seoul and visited various parts of Germany, Spain and France. We enjoyed the experience very much and saw many fascinating places in the freezing cold! We expected it to be really cold in Berlin.. and it was. We weren't expecting it to snow in Madrid though!

Toledo, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

February: I had my second operation to do with the cancer treatment/prevention. All went well.

March to December: We were able to attend several family celebrations in Sydney as well as a special holiday in Victoria , even though I didn't feel all that great. I have experienced many side effects of the preventative medication I am on. I need to take this for five years! I was pleased to be able to teach at times, but had to learn to adjust to the need for extended periods of rest. Now, over a year on, I think the side effects are lessening and I am feeling hopeful that the next year won’t be as hard.

We celebrated a 21st, two engagements and a wedding. Stuart and Cherie also came home for a weeks' visit in August.

Rick had full-time work for the first six months, then about 2 days a week since July. He has just had an interview for another 6 month contract that starts in January. It would be a good Christmas present if he gets the job! He has looked after me very well over the past year, for which I am grateful. It must be difficult for those who have cancer or similar health problems and have no one close to look after them.

Cameron continues to work at Dept of Health and Ageing. He has been thinking that he might need a new challenge in 2011. He also had a month’s holiday in Europe, where he spent time in London, Paris, Florence and Rome. He went with his friend, Ben from Uni days. Rick and Cameron have been busy renovating the kitchen in Cameron’s townhouse. Hard to believe he has lived there for nearly three years!

Stuart and Cherie have spent the last two years in Seoul. They are enjoying what will most probably be their last few months there. Their exciting news is that Cherie is having a baby ! Due in late April.

So we will be grandparents!!

Cherie is well and if all goes to plan, they will be arriving home to live permanently, (initially with us), in February. This all depends on whether Cherie is granted a visa in time!

If the granting of the visa is delayed beyond February, they will remain in Seoul to have the baby and we will hopefully visit them in April/May.

Another good Christmas present for all of us would be news of the Visa!

We will be home on Christmas Day this year.

Traditionally we travel to Sydney on Christmas Day, to meet up with my family in time for dinner. This year we are staying home. While we will miss the fun of being with the family and celebrating Christmas dinner together in Sydney, we are looking forward to staying in Canberra and experiencing a few different things this year. We will see some of my extended family at a gathering in Camden two days after Christmas.

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