Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking it easy

Rick and I have been relaxing at home this week. We've caught up with friends and we've spent some time with Cameron, as he has been on holdays too. I've been doing some reading, crocheting and watching the cricket. This was despite the Aussies losing! I thought the English team played very well and deserved to win the Ashes. My health is improving as the side effects of the treatment lessen. There are even times now when I don't think about the treatment etc, which is a sign that things are settling down. People have said that you get to point when you can almost forget you've had anything wrong with you. This might not be far away, as the side effects are becoming more manageable thses days.

Stuart and Cherie are now making plans to stay in Seoul for the birth of their baby ... and possibly until February 2012. They have had to take this decision because time is running out to hear news of Cherie's visa and they've been recently told that the processing has been delayed.
We are sad that we won't see them here this February and will miss the excitement of the birth etc, but are glad that things have worked out with Stuart's job and acc0mmodation in Seoul. There is good medical care in Seoul and there is opportunity for support from their many friends and Cherie's family. If the visa is granted in the next few months, they will make plans to come home to Australia when it's suitable for Cherie and the baby to fly. We are not sure if we'll be visitng them. We'll wait and see what happens with the visa etc.

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