Saturday, January 22, 2011

At home

I enjoyed a dinner out on Thursday night with a group of friends. I stayed awake! It was nice to have enough energy to do that.

Rick and I have been spending the holidays at home. No word yet on the job he has been waiting on, except that nothing has been decided. I have been thinking that every phone call might be about the job. I am trying to forget about it! Rick is managing better than me!

In the last two weeks Stuart and Cherie have made the decision to stay in Seoul for the birth of the baby and possibly another year. They have heard nothing from the Australian Embassy regarding the visa. Stuart started to look for a new job in Seoul. He was then surprised to be offered his old job back, after giving notice months ago.
This is wonderful for them, as it means he can continue on with his familiar job ( with good hours) and they can stay in the same apartment for another year.
If the visa is granted before the year is up, they will have to give a couple of months notice and arrange to sub-let the apartment.
Cherie is now six months pregnant and all is well. They are now very relieved to know what is happening and to plan for the baby's arrival without all the packing up and moving house..... or changing countries.

We may be able to go to Seoul to see the baby. We can't make plans yet until we know about the job that Rick is waiting on.

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