Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Think Pink!

Yes, we have been told that our coming grand baby will be a GIRL! This is very exciting for us, as boys are what we have been used to.
Richard and I have booked to go to Seoul in April. The baby is due on April 20, so we have hopefully timed out trip correctly. We arrive on April 16 and depart on April 30.
Cherie is well and they tell her that all is well with the baby. Stuart is enjoying his work, teaching English. So they have settled in again , after deciding to stay. No word has come about the visa as yet, so time has run out for Cherie to be able to fly here anyway.
Richard is adjusting to being at home and is keeping busy with all sorts of tasks around the house and with his choir administration. There seems to be lots of things that need fixing around the house! He finally found out that he didn't get the contract he was waiting months to hear about. He has had a couple of mini jobs that he's done from home in the past couple of months. These have only been a half-hour here or an hour there. He'll keep looking for something as he enjoys the work.
I am booked up for some teaching days in the next month. I am feeling much better these past few weeks. Maybe the worst is behind me. My latest tests are all clear, which is great news.

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