Sunday, February 28, 2010

At home

I've been mostly resting this week and have enjoyed having time to work on a challenging jigsaw, doing a little crocheting and reading a good book. I have also been out on a few occasions which was very pleasant. I was able to drive myself to one of these occasions. This was only a week after the surgery. The recovery has been quicker than I expected, but I still need to take it easy, so everyone tells me!

This puzzle was given to us by Paul and Jeni. It is a picture of Jerusalem at sunset. It's challenging!

Tonight I finished the city scape. Rick has often worked on it and Cameron has too, when he has dropped in for a visit a couple of times.

Now all there is to do is the sky! It's going to be hard. Lots of pinks and purples!

The crocheted rug is almost finished

Sylvia lent me this book. I am really enjoying reading it!

These activities have kept me interested and have taken my mind off all the normal things I can't do as yet. I've had a good week. I think I could be a "lady of leisure" for a fairly long time, before I got bored!

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