Friday, March 5, 2010

Jigsaw completed !

Last night I completed the jigsaw I have been working on , for over a week. Richard reminded me that it was actually given to him by Jeni. He helped work on it too, so it was satisfying for both of us to see it completed. One question though: What do we do with it now?
Thanks Jeni for providing us with this pleasant, mind-engaging activity. It has been great for me to do a little here and there while I've been taking it easy at home. I am recovering well.


Paul & Jeni said...

Well done!
And what do you do with it now?
You hope that one of you is my secret santa this year so you can give it to me!!!!

Glad you're recovering well, Nelle. See you soon! xxx

janelle said...

What a good idea! Thanks Jeni xxx

Sylvia said...

Well done, Janelle. Thought you deserved a comment after the fun you have had commenting on my blog!!You are so clever finishing that difficult jigsaw. Now you have taken a photo of it, you can break it up!ha ha!