Monday, December 21, 2009

Treatment decision made!

Monday December 21
What a relief to report that today I have made the necessary decisions regarding the follow-up treatment.
I have decided to go with a 5- year course of hormone blocker medication and have an operation to remove my ovaries in February or March. I will not be enduring chemotherapy.
This decision wasn't an easy one, to say the least, but I am satisfied with it. I have been presented with the information available ( not as clearly at first, as I would have liked!) and I believe this is the most effective path to take.
After making these difficult decisions, I decided to buy a coffee and something to eat. I was asked politely if I wanted to " have it here" or " take it away". I found that choice a hard one to make, so I realised that I had been under some pressure in the past few days!


DesignRox1103 said...
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DesignRox1103 said...

I affirm your decision completely. Take this time, until you go away, relaxing as much as you like, girlfriend. Save your strength for the journey (both of them) and protect your energy level. Clair and I are lifting you up in our prayers (as always, but especially now.) May your time away together, in a new place, experiencing new things, exceed your expectations. Lovingly, Carole Anne